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Hi All

I'm using Windows XP Home SP2 and IE7. Can anybody tell me why the and home pages both display this message when I try to access them -

Can not open the vhcs2.conf config file !
Pleas contact your system administrator

and yes the spelling mistake is there too!

Also, any search using the google tool bar returns -

Error 404! File Not Found!

Any help would be greatfully received as this is driving me mad.
Thank You in advance.

on May 04, 2007
If I were to guess, I'd be thinking browser hijacker. But I decided to take it to google and see what they thought.

Most of the search returns had to do with open source software, which yours isn't, so I'm not entirely sure. I think I'd start by looking at a possible browser hijack, and possibly look at uninstalling IE7 to see if the problem persists in IE6. If it doesn't, you can reinstall IE7 or (my preference) download Maxthon or Frefox and give Mr. Gates the finger.
on May 04, 2007
Thank you Gideon. Yes the problem does persist if I go back to IE6. If this is a browser hijacker can it be removed? I should add that I am runnig AVG, Ad-Aware and Spybot S&D, but none of these has found anything untoward.
Again thanks in advance for anymore help>
on May 05, 2007
Icon100 read the last post by Gandalf from Ubanto forums & on the next page as well.....


I would suggest going to the TomCoyote forums WWW Link They include support for both Spybot, Ad-Aware & Hijack This.

Also Install Hijack This from that site & post that log on that site.....the program is free

I personally do not know how to read the log that well. You will find step by step info on how use the program as well on that site..and the folks at that site are very experienced.

I should add that I am running AVG, Ad-Aware and Spybot S&D, but none of these has found anything untoward.

Probably something that those programs just haven't come across....I use all 3 & they are great programs

There may be someone here that knows how to read those in both places if you choose .....

It's My Secret
on May 05, 2007
best program to use is spyware doctor, this program saved my arse alot of times..though you have to purchase it but it's well worth it,it'll seek and destroy ALL types of hijackers,trojans,spyware and adware and it permanently deletes them with NO hope of the malware from re-installing it self
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